July 10

Johnny Cash’s Interpretation Of “If We Never Meet Again”

Johnny Cash

“If We Never Meet Again” is a Christian gospel hymn that will remind us that at the end of our journey, there is a place that awaits us. All of us would like to head to heaven, a place where there is no sadness, misery, desolation, and despair. Instead, a place of happiness and ultimate peace. It is the place where we meet God and have an infinite existence. Let Johnny Cash inspire you to be a Samaritan through his interpretation of the hymn.

To be able to enter the gate to heaven, God wants us to accept Him in our hearts. We must obey the commandments and live in peace. Meaning, there should always be respect and love within us no matter what the situation is. Be kind to someone even though you’re not receiving the same. Show a little hope even when everything seems to go wrong. All we need is understanding and most of all, love.

If We Never Meet Again…


Everyone seeks the answer if “Heaven” really does exist? God promises an everlasting life after we fulfill our obligations on earth. With this, God assures us that there is a place afterlife. Perhaps, heaven or paradise. Whatever it is, we must trust God and have faith in him. All we need to do is to accomplish our responsibilities as human beings. The duties to be good and God-fearing people.


Heaven exists beyond the veil that separates the visible kingdom from the invisible kingdom. Man cannot see microorganisms with the naked eye. Nevertheless, we know that they exist among us and have properties and characteristics. In the same way, we know, by faith, that heaven exists and that it is the place from which God reigns.

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If we never meet again, Johnny Cash

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