April 16, 2018

Johnny Cash’s Love Letter to June Carter Cash in 1970

johnny cash to june this morning

Some people like to write down their thoughts and hide it from the world. Some people like to voice it out, while others, just keep it to themselves. Johnny Cash, a well-known country singer, a legend whom people knew around the world passed away 19 years ago, yet his music is still sung by many. His work is never forgotten. However, as many songs as he had composed and performed that is known, there are still hundreds more left behind.

From Johnny Cash’s Poems and Letters

Cash has a collection of poems, which were left behind after his death. His son John Carter Cash gathered them all after two years and set all the poems to music. Johnny Cash: Forever Words, were all taken from Cash’s collection of poems and letters. In addition, family, friends and some artists joined together to make this album come to life.

“To June This Morning”

“To June This Morning” was a love letter of Cash to his second wife June Carter Cash. It was written by Cash in 1970 to his wife when she was eight months pregnant with their son, John Cash Carter. A music video was filmed where Kacey Musgraves and her husband Ruston Kelly sang together in harmony. It was filmed at the Cash’s home at the Old Hickory Lake in Henderson, Tennessee. In the video Cash’s old friends Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson joined the couple. Kristofferson begins the video with his contribution from Cash’s “Forever/I Still Miss You” while Nelson plays the guitar.

John Carter Cash produced the album, Johnny Cash: Forever Words. It consists of 16 songs from his father’s poetry and letters. His words were brought to life by various artists, including Chris Cornell, Alisson Krauss, John Mellencamp, Rosanne Cash, Brad Paisley and many more. The album was released last April 6, 2018.

Listen to Johnny Cash’s “To June This Morning” and fall in love again.


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