February 14

Johnny Cash Sings “Jesus Loves Me”

Watch him sing that classic and ageless tune.

Johnny Cash in “Jesus Loves Me”

Wasn’t that heartwarming to watch? Aw! What would I have to give to be one of those kids? Wish there’ll be more of this kind of shows on National TV. Even if the stage’s set up was geared for adults, it is always possible to make it wholesome and family friendly to watch. I liked the part where before he started singing, he told the audience to always remember that Jesus loves them.

Our Man in Black never runs out of surprises. Having recognized and acknowledged that without God, he would be nothing, he put to good use his influence and musical talents. He descended from the limelight of Hollywood to reach more people with his music. From entertaining prisoners to singing in churches and now, highlighting the role of Jesus in his TV program.

We share your happiness folks! Thank God the last years of Mr. Johnny Cash were spent well. He sang, preached, shared his testimony, and helped to recover alcoholics get back on their feet.

“The message you think is shallow may be a great truth.”
John Yates –

Jesus Loves Me

Naïve and a greenhorn in faith, I could not understand aged preachers each time they say, “How could God love someone like me?” Him loving you is not a complicated concept to understand ain’t it? Fast forward today, I’m saying the same words. And it does not get any clearer the older I get. The more I understand how God thinks and how he feels, the broken I get. It shames me to think that I’ve often taken his love for granted. Best I could say is, “ Thank You Lord for loving me.”

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