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“Troublesome Waters:” A Song From Johnny Cash’s I Walk the Line Album

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Nothing comes easy in life. No matter who we are, we always have to go through tough times in life. We have to face challenges along the way every day, however, all of this is exhausting. Sometimes we just want to reach the next exit door that we see and just leave. Life can be overwhelming but there is only one way to get over this feeling. If we let God into our lives, not even sin or hardship can bother us anymore.

Johnny Cash’s Version

Johnny Cash recorded a song written by Maybelle Carter and Dixie Dean in 1964. His song became one of the tracks on his studio album I Walk the Line. The song “Troublesome Waters” is the last track on his album and it did not get much attention unlike the lead single of his album. I Walk the Line became No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart in 1964. In addition, the album entered the Pop charts at No. 53.

What is the Song About?

Despite not gaining much attention from the public “Troublesome Waters” has a deep and inspiring meaning behind it. In the song “Troublesome Waters” Johnny Cash talks about a man who has been going through challenges in his life that are becoming a burden to him. He knows that he cannot handle the pressure anymore, therefore he cried to Jesus. He called upon Jesus’ name to help him. Do you know what happened? The man got his wish, Jesus guided the man to safety. He led the man to a place where he will find peace despite the darkness of life. If you are just like the man in Johnny Cash’s song, do not hesitate to call on Jesus because He will always help us in whatever we are going through in life.

“Troublesome Waters” Versions

“Troublesome Waters” was first recorded by Cash in 1964. Other artists who covered the song “Troublesome Waters” were The Carter Family in 1964, Lester Flatts and Earl Scruggs in 1966, Iris DeMent, and Carlene Carter and Willie Nelson.

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