July 20

A Christian Hymn From Johnny Cash’s Gospel Album, “God Will”

johnny cash God will

There may be a lot of people we call friends. We can call someone when we are in trouble and sometimes we know someone who will listen to us when we have problems. However, we all have our limits. The friends we know cannot be there every time we need them. We all have our own problems that we cannot even help others at the same time, or we can’t even support anyone. Humans have a limit, which is why we need someone who will always be there to listen to us. We need someone who will walk with us in the darkness. But, where can we find one? Do you know anyone who is willing to do anything to make us feel happy?

Hymns by Johnny Cash

“God Will” is one of the hymns in Johnny Cash’s first gospel album. It was released in 1959 and written by John Loudermilk and Marijohn Wilkin. The album is made up of traditional gospel songs and originals. Four singles in his album were written by him. Some of the traditional songs he included were, “The Old Account, and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.”

About the Song

God is the only one we can trust to be with us all the time. He will walk with us no matter how good or bad our life is. God will take care of all the things that we need, and he will certainly keep us safe. The narrator in the song reminds us that if we do not have anyone else we always have God. It is nice to have a friend around, but knowing and believing in God is better than anything else. He will always care for us even if nobody does. Therefore, cast all your sorrows and troubles to God, because He will comfort you all through your life.

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