December 12

Johnny Cash and his Eternal Belief that God is Real

All of us want to prove the existence of God and this has been one of the most debated topics until now. As per Christianity, we have the Bible to prove His existence and He always shows his presence through His miracles. Anyhow, according to non-believers, how can a person believe a God that they cannot see? Hence, this creates a division, whether God is real or not. Well, my stand is that I will always go back from the very beginning, which is religion. It answers whether God is real or not. Even some of the famous icons, like Johnny Cash, believe in His existence.

Best-Selling Music Artist of All Time

He is considered as one of the music icons in country music and also well known for his wide range of genre. This icon was best known for his deep, calm bass-baritone voice which made him distinct from other artists.  Further, due to his contribution to the music industry, he was included in the Country Music, Rock and Roll, and Gospel Music Hall of Fames. Of course, I’m referring to Johnny Cash, whose legacy is still alive to this day.

Due to his lavish career, Johnny Cash was able to sell more than 90 million records worldwide. Also, his style is also being mimicked by other artists of today’s generation. Truly, he is one of the singers that the country music industry ever had.

Hymns and belief from the Heart

One of the best ways to prove God’s existence is through His miracles. In fact, those miracles come in many ways and sometimes we tend to overlook it. “My God is Real (Yes, God is Real)” is one of the gospel hits from the icon Johnny Cash, which was released in 1962. Moreover, the hymn is a proclamation of faith and a testimony that God is not a fictional character.


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