April 6

A Sneak Peek on “Johnny Cash: Forever Words” Tribute Album


Last month, John Carter Cash talked about Johnny Cash’s writings set to music with a series of praise to his father, John Carter Cash. Recently, Legacy Recordings released Rosanne Cash’s chilling video for The Walking Wounded’ from the upcoming project. It is, in a word, superb.

For those who do not know the project yet, Johnny Cash: Forever Words is the audio companion to Forever Words: The Unknown Poems. It is a best-selling collection, which features Johnny Cash’s previously unpublished poems. Sixteen of these poems will be set to music with the help of some country artists.

A Sneak Peek on “Johnny Cash: Forever Words” Tribute Album 1

More About “The Walking Wounded”

According to the release, Cash wrote “The Walking Wounded” at an agonizing time in his life. He read about the soldiers in the Vietnam war and the post-traumatic stress disorder they went through, to cope. He related to their pain, and this poem depicted the connection between their experiences. For nearly 60 years, the words of Johnny Cash have extended across traditional, spiritual, and philosophical borders. He was not only a singer of great songs, but a teller of universal truths about justice, faith, love, and independence. It was in this spirit that Johnny Cash: Forever Words, was created.

Rosanne Cash takes her father’s poem “The Walking Wounded” and turns it into a stunning view of flexibility. Additionally, the music video brings back home the meaning of the song even more. Cash and director David McClister taped the video at Johnny’s childhood home in Dyess, Arkansas. It also shows a cast of characters meant to embody the walking wounded. Each one has a story written on their face. For some, it is obvious — a same-sex couple, a Vietnam vet, an African American woman. For others, the pain is more indirect.

As Rosanne Cash navigates the property, the harmonious message is intense. Watch the video below.

With Rosanne part in this project, she says,

“There’s so much pain in these lyrics, and they’re unrelentingly dark. I really tried to feel what [my father] would have thought about it. And it felt like a collaboration. I think he’d be proud of it. I am.”

Johnny Cash: Forever Words features sixteen (16) different songs from sixteen (16) different artists. Other artists included on the upcoming album are John Mellencamp, Brad Paisley, Ruston Kelly and Kacey Musgraves and the late, great Chris Cornell. Each one is a melodic reimagining of one of Cash’s poems from the book. Special news includes John Carter Cash as co-producer of the album and recording much of it at The Cash Cabin Studio.

The album’s release is today, April 6, so expect that we would be hearing more of other artists take on Johnny Cash: Forever Words tribute album.


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