June 27

Johnny Cash Poetry-Album; Chris Cornell for the Final Act

Johnny Cash and the legend that he is would not go anywhere as his poetry is being turned into an album. Learn details about Vivian Liberto (Johnny’s first wife) here.

Johnny Cash and Chris Cornell

John Carter Cash is Johnny Cash’s son who is keeping his father’s legacy in the music arena alive. Last year, the son of the country icon also released a book of his father’s poems entitled “Forever Words: The Unknown Poems.” The said book is composed of 41 poems that Johnny Cash penned himself when was still alive and giving us his great masterpieces.

Carter also enlisted the help of some of the country artists and musicians to finalize the Johnny Cash Forever Words: The Music album such as Jamey Johnson. Rolling Stone (source: http://www.rollingstone.com/country/news/chris-cornell-jamey-johnson-set-for-new-johnny-cash-album-w488822) reported regarding what Jamey Johnson thought about working on the Johnny Cash poems and with the legend’s son. Jamey Johnson wrote:

“So, John Carter and I sat down and wrote a second verse. The way we did it was by creating something akin to a painter’s palette. Where instead of colors on the palette, we put words on the palette out of context and took words that he used when writing his first verse.

We just added words that fit the palette that’s similar the words and we took those words and built a second verse out of those words so that it’s still the same context and continues to the story.

Of course, the music, it just kind of washes over. It’s what I think Johnny, in the same vein of what Johnny would sing. If I was writing with Johnny Cash, it wouldn’t be any different I don’t think unless he had something really awesome to consider. It was really fun to do that.  I know that John Carter is really excited about to put that out.”


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On the other hand, the late Chris Cornell might give us his last musical prowess as John Carter also went to Chris Cornell about the said Johnny Cash project.  Jamey Johnson added:

“One of them that I know he’s most proud of and you can’t get it anymore – he’s got Chris Cornell having finished one of these songs and then recorded it. I’m excited for it to come out. I got to do a couple of them.”

It can be remembered that Cornell died May 18th 2017. Medical examiner ruled Chris Cornell’s death as suicide.


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