October 31

John Prine and The Roots Spice Up “When I Get to Heaven”

John Prine is definitely a legend in the music industry. His reputation exceeds that of country music, but also to the other facets of show business. But his new album “The Tree of Forgiveness,” sheds light on an intimate side of the singer. It especially hits home with his song “When I Get to Heaven.”

The format of the song consists of staccatos of both brilliantly spoken zingers and a swanky chorus. The main verses of “When I Get to Heaven” is a dialogue between Prine himself and the audience. He narrates all the gallivanting that he plans on doing, from him meeting the Big Man Upstairs, to what he really meant by the “Tree of Forgiveness.”

“When I Get to Heaven” is nothing short of a gospel-rock-and-roll anthem that you would expect from Prine, but he has a more personal touch to it. It is as if we will take on that journey with him too. That, or we’ll party with him at the nightclub he’s going to build.

What I really love about “When I Get to Heaven” is the happy portrayal of Heaven it shows us. It gives us light hope that all of us will reach that place. And every fan of Prine knows that the lyrics that he writes down hold so much power and promise. This one is no exception.

His Tonight Show Performance

Prine has been on a couple of shows and performances to promote and share his album to his adoring fans. He has sold out shows around the country. And, he has guest performances like this too. Before his album came out, he performed “Summer’s End” on the Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert. Now that his new single “When I Get to Heaven” has a music video, he went onto the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The performance is as upbeat and swanky as you’d expect from the caliber of swagger that John Prine possesses. Bu,t there was an added joy when the in-house band The Roots, and Fallon himself joined in on the performance with a melody of kazoos! It was such a joy to watch, and it is a memorable performance indeed!

Watch the amazing performance right here!



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