December 13

John Michael Montgomery on his Sensational Hit: “I Swear”

A promise is always driven by love because a person will not commit if there are no feelings involved. But, once a promise is said it should be put into action forever. Thus, this is one of the key factors for a long and fruitful relationship. The golden rule is don’t ever drop a promise that you cannot keep because it will just ruin everything. Always remember, once it has been said, a promise should be backed by devoted action. Need a little inspiration? Then listen to John Michael Montgomery on his hit “I Swear.”

The Pride of Kentucky

He is one of the charmers in country music due to his success in releasing numerous love songs that reached the charts. Also, he has one of the best voices in the industry. I’m referring to the man behind the hit “I Swear.” Does it ring a bell? Of course, it’s John Michael Montgomery, who released 30 singles that reached the Billboard Country Charts.

John Michael Montgomery began singing with his brother and was a part of “Montgomery Gentry.” Further, in 1992, he began a solo career. Luckily, Montgomery flourished and his style and music were loved by the public.

One of the Best Love Songs

Love is a burning passion that is shared by two people. This is described on the hit “I Swear” by John Michael Montgomery. Anyhow, the song was released in 1993 and it stayed at number one in the U.S. Hot Country Singles and Tracks. Hence, we can’t blame the public because this masterpiece is really nice and it has a deep message.

“I Swear” by John Michael Montgomery also reached Latin America and Mexico due to its popularity. Even more, if we will analyze the lyrics and message of the song, the narrator is making a promise to his/her lover. In addition, it’s like a promise of a lifetime. Indeed, this song is inspiring to the lovers out there and you might want to consider this as your wedding song.


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