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We Can Still Be “Friends” as Stated by John Michael Montgomery

We Can Still Be “Friends” as Stated by John Michael Montgomery 1

“Friends” is a timeless ballad that will remind us that despite breaking-up, two people can still be friends. The words and lyrics say it all. There was love at the beginning then, unknowingly, the flame just died. An indication that someone between the two people fell out of love. These are merely depictions of John Michael Montgomery of the song.

The lyrics are genuinely straightforward and painful, yet it’s an excellent recap for everyone that after separation, there is still respect as friends. Also, the melody of the song can pierce your hearts. I’m pretty sure, “Friends,” once it hits you, it will bring memories of yesterday.


Jerry Holland wrote the words and lyrics of “Friends.” John Michael Montgomery recorded and released the song in September 1996. Also, the song was part of his album “What I Do Best.” The song was a massive hit in Canada. It also placed at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Moreover, John Michael Montgomery received a positive response at interpreting the song. Some critics said his performance was solid and incredibly poignant. Also, country music obsessives appreciated him more due to his powerful and soulful rendition of the song.

John Michael Montgomery…

We Can Still Be “Friends” as Stated by John Michael Montgomery 2

In 1992, John Michael Montgomery started his solo career. Before this, he has been singing with his brother Eddie. They were known as Montgomery Gentry. They did separate, but it’s a blessing in disguise since it helped John Michael Montgomery’s rise to prominence.

We Can Still Be “Friends” as Stated by John Michael Montgomery 3

John Michael Montgomery has more than thirty singles on Billboard charts. He placed seven number one singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. These were “I Love The Way You Love Me,” “I Swear,” Be My Baby Tonight,” “If You’ve Got Love,” “I Can Love You Like That,” “Sold,” and “The Little Girl.” Also, he placed more thirteen songs to reach the top ten. Indeed, John Michael Montgomery is one of the best country singers in the industry.

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