October 12

John Denver, the Legend We will Never Forget “Country Roads”


Missing someone is the most painful feeling that we can ever feel, especially if that person holds a spot in our hearts. Consequently, people come and go in our lives; it’s just a matter of who will go first. Thus, others will leave stains in our hearts and sometimes it will be permanent. Meanwhile, others will depart with a gentle touch, and someday they will be reunited once more.

Other people will leave us permanently, and others will leave us temporarily. Anyhow, we need to create a long lasting memory with them, a memory that we will never forget forever.

“The Legend”

Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. was commercially known as John Denver. He was an American singer-songwriter with great commercial success as a solo artist. In addition, he is also an activist and humanitarian. Denver began to build his career in the 60’s. Thus, he started joining folk groups. Further, in the 70’s he was able to develop his career as the best-selling artist and was loved by the public. He had a total number of 33 million records worldwide and had approximately released 300 songs. Indeed, he is one of the legends with spectacular talent.

As a result of his fame, his music appeared on Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary. He even widened his horizon by appearing in some television shows during the 70’s and the 80’s.
How can we not love this multi-talented legend? Personally, when I hear of John Denver, all I can think of is his massive hit “Take Me Home, Country Roads.


“Take Me Home, Country Roads” was released on April 12, 1972, it immediately peaked to no. 2 on Billboard’s U.S. Hot 100. Eventually, it became his signature song and it was made one of the official anthems of West Virginia in 2014. Regardless of his success and world fame, nobody predicted that it’s his time to go. Incidentally, October 12, 1997, was an unforgettable date for the people who cared for him. The singer-songwriter died in a plane crash.

According to the investigation, the probable cause of Denver’s death is his inadequate training and lack of experience in manipulating the said aircraft (Adrian Davis Long-EZ). For the record, Denver had performed a three touch-and-go landings in approximate of 26 minutes. Probably, the lack of preparation and training also contributed for the plane to crash. To add up, he was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the Rocky Mountains.

21 years had passed, but John Denver still remains as a Music Icon and an inspiration to all. He is one of a kind and he will always be missed by his family, friends and fans.

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