March 21

John Denver Sings “Some Days Are Diamonds”: A Sad Song


John Denver, some days are diamonds

The Song’s Content

Some Days Are Diamonds” is a song about a man going through life without the woman he loved. He sometimes manages each day fine which when translated it’s called some days are diamonds. However, some days he misses her. He feels sad or he probably feels nothing, just like a stone, hard and cold. There is a part of the song where he mentioned that I can see “there’s a danger, in becoming what I never thought I’d be,” probably the man in the song could hurt someone or himself. Usually, when we go through breakups we feel like the man in the song.

We have days that are bright and shiny like a diamond. Then there are also days we are cold and hard. Furthermore, we change when someone hurt us. We either hurt ourselves or we hurt our future relationships. Yet, for some after a breakup, they change and become a better person and wiser when it comes to love.

Some Days Are Diamonds” And John Denver

Some Days Are Diamonds” was written by Dick Feller in 1976. He first recorded the song but it didn’t succeed in topping the charts. In 1981, the legendary country singer and “Take Me Home, Country Roads” singer John Denver covered Feller’s song. Denver included “Some Days Are Diamonds” in his album entitled Some Days Are Diamonds. Since Denver covered Feller’s song it became a hit. It peaked at No. 10 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Song Charts in 1981, remaining on top for 18 weeks. Furthermore, it also peaked at No. 12 on the U.S. Billboard Adult Contemporary songs in 1981 too.

Denver’s album Some Days Are Diamonds peaked at No. 7 on the U.S. Billboard Top Country Album charts, in 1981.

The Songwriter

Feller wrote songs for legendary country singers like Tex Williams, Johnny Cash and Jerry Reed. Most of the songs written by Feller top the country charts. In 2014, Feller published his autobiography entitled Some Days Are Diamonds. A story about his life as a transgender and as a country singer and songwriter.


John Denver, some days are diamonds

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