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Capture Faithfulness in John Berry’s “There Could Never Be Another Love”

John and Robin Berry at the Country Music Hall of Fame
John and Robin Berry at the Country Music Hall of Fame

Prior to settling down, John Berry released six albums of self-penned and co-written songs. Post-wedding, wife Robin wonders why her husband no longer writes and even chided that perhaps, she’s no inspiration to him. In jest, Berry reasons that marriage is time-consuming enough.

He did write Robin a song though, one that she’s unable to finish singing at night with her husband. The following is their sampler. Sweetness Overload Alert!

There Could Never Be Another Love – John Berry

Recent Album as Berry’s Brand of Country Music

Album Cover (c)
Album Cover (c)

Placed in the midst of What I Love the Most tracklist, Berry co-wrote There Could Be Another Love with Rich Fagan and William Brian Mabry. Released in June 2016, the album’s not getting much notoriety on US Billboard’s charts. John Berry’s fans, however, were still sold into his recent crafts as he remained consistent to his own brand of music.

As always, Berry pours his heart and soul in all the songs for this ninth studio album. Despite fads from numerous labels on what modern Country music should sound like, Berry’s committed to his convictions. In an interview with CMT back in 2003, Berry stated that he always has his kids in mind for the type of songs he’ll be recording.

“..If I can’t put my music on in the car and have the kids listen to Daddy sing these songs, I just won’t do it. I don’t care how good of a song it is, if it’s not the kind of song that I want my kids to listen to and learn from…”

– lifted from


Berry’s a busy man juggling fatherhood, concert tours and involvement on various charitable causes.  For such devotion and hard-work, M.M.A.I. (Modeling Association of America) made John Berry an honorary inductee for being one of America’s role models.

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