June 28

John Baumann’s “Gulf Moon” Lands a Place in Chesney’s Album

It seems that Kenny Chesney’s upcoming album Songs for the Saints has already come a long way even before its release. The album’s title somewhat embodies the virtuous elements that make up the whole project. It can be recalled that during the writing of the album’s title track, the catastrophic Hurricane Irma hit his hometown leaving the place and many properties totally wrecked. After this, the singer began putting up the Love for Love City fund to offer immediate relief to all the victims. Additionally, in the album’s lead single, Get Along,” Chesney encourages altruism in an increasingly complex world. The song somewhat gives reference to all who helped during and after the calamity. And to top it all, the talented and golden-hearted singer recently announced that all the proceeds of his album will go to the Virgin Islands relief fund.

Chesney’s generosity didn’t stop there. Seemingly, lending a helping hand is so natural of him. As the release of his album is fast approaching, the singer decided to make another artist happy. That artist happened to be the Texas native John Baumann. A songwriter and a performer himself, Baumann became the newest guy to receive an enormous opportunity from Kenny Chesney. It was just announced that Baumann’s song, “Gulf Moon,” will be included on Chesney’s album due next month. Baumann expressed how honored and grateful he is for the said merit. It somewhat inspired him to stay hopeful and to keep moving forward no matter what.

 “Never quit on your dreams. There is always hope,” Baumann stated.

John Baumann's "Gulf Moon" Lands a Place in Chesney's Album 1
John Baumann | Screen grabbed from Youtube

The Chosen Song

“Gulf Moon” was originally recorded by Baumann on his 2014 album High Plains Alchemy. The musician has almost given up hoping once that his single will ever be included on one of Chesney’s album. In fact, the song has been put on hold by Chesney for several years. It was supposed to be listed on his Cosmic Hallelujah record but it didn’t make it. Perhaps, Chesney is also waiting for the right time and album to put the song in. And, the waiting is over for Baumann and his song. Gulf Moon” has finally found a place on Chesney’s Songs for the Saints. 

Listen to Baumann’s acoustic performance of “Gulf Moon” below.

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