August 3

John Anderson Remastered Classic ‘Seminole Wind,’ Taps your Environmental Activist

These days, it is rare to encounter songs that serve as eye-openers to the true and disheartening present-day condition of our environment. Most of the songs we hear are either about heartbreak, ambitions, courtship, and heck—even strange obsessions with various body parts! That’s the reason why John Anderson decided to do a recording encore of his classic hit, Seminole Wind, people were thrilled and appeased.

The country classic song was released in August 1992. It was part of Anderson’s album bearing the same name as the fourth single. Upon the song’s release, it skyrocketed to the number 2 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks of the United States. On the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart, Seminole Wind successfully seized the number one rank. The song was such a major hit that two prominent artists, namely James Taylor and Donna the Buffalo, recorded their own rendition of the song.


John Anderson Remastered Classic ‘Seminole Wind,’ Taps your Environmental Activist 1

What made Seminole Wind a blockbuster song is the message behind its beautiful melody and lyrics. The song candidly and bravely took on environmental issues, setting on naturalist overtones. The lyrics, sung ever so powerfully by Anderson, go: Ever since the days of old/ Men would search for wealth untold/ They’d dig for silver and for gold/ And leave the empty holes/ And way down south in the Everglades/ Where the black water rolls and the saw grass waves/ The eagles fly and the otters play/ In the land of the Seminole…

In addition, the song’s second verse sings of how Florida Everglades is being drained due to the floods, along with the background of Osceola, the war chief of who led Seminole and lived through its second war. Seminole Wind earned rave reviews from critics. Particularly, Billboard magazine’s Deborah Evans Price describes the song as a “vividly imagistic song” that “conveys feelings of urgency and great loss without being self-righteous or preachy.”

The song’s revamped version was recorded with Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road from the bluegrass group. Anderson’s album will also be out soon, so be sure to check it out!

You can listen to the lovely classic Seminole Wind’s new version of here:



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