July 11

“It Is Well With My Soul:” A Song From Joey + Rory’s Last Album

it is well with my soul joey and rory feek

When troubles come your way, what do you do? Do you run away or get mad? Or do you remain calm and pray to God for help? It is easier to say to be calm, but when we are in trouble we can’t, but when we have God, nothing can shake us. When we have God, we are certain that we can overcome all of our problems because with God nothing is impossible.

Joey and Rory’s Version

Joey and Rory Feek recorded the song “It Is Well With My Soul” for their last studio album Hymns That Are Important to Us. Their last album together was a collection twelve classical hymns and one bonus track (“When I’m Gone”). Their album made it to the top of the chart. Hymns That Are Important to Us peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Christian Albums and Top Country Albums. Furthermore, the song reached the No. 4 position on the Billboard 200.

The Story Behind the Song

“It Is Well With My Soul” was written by Horatio Spafford. Spafford’s inspiration was from the great tragedy he experienced in his life. However, despite all the tragic happenings in his life, Spafford still manage to love God and not get mad at Him. He wrote a song to let us know that despite all the tragedies he had been through, he knows that God will keep Him at peace.

“It Is Well With My Soul,” Content

The song and the story of the songwriter is a reminder to us that despite the things we go through in life, God will always be there for us. With all of the things we are going through, God has a purpose. We only need to trust Him. Just like Spafford and Rory who lost people they loved they still trust in the Lord and hold on to Him.

Come and listen to Joey and Rory’s version of the song “It Is Well With My Soul” and find peace and calm with God.

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