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Joey + Rory’s Rendition of Bill Gaither’s Song, “He Touched Me”

We either live the way we used to live, or we can let Jesus touch our lives and change everything. Often, we want things to remain the same even though we know that it’s hurting us. However, we should know that things must change. The only way to change our sinful ways of living is to let Jesus in and take away all the darkness we have inside.

The Word “Touch”

When we let God touch us, there will be a huge difference in our life. If you have read the Bible, the word “touch” was used many times to express the action of Jesus to the people who needed Him. Jesus healed the sick by laying his hands on them. In addition, the word “touch” was used to indicate that Jesus has an effect on someone’s life. Every time Jesus preach to His people, they were touched by His words and they see things differently. Hence, this word from the Bible serves as an inspiration to the singer-songwriter, Bill Gaither, when he wrote the song “He Touched Me.”

In an interview with the CCM Magazine, Bill revealed that his friend, Dr. Dale Oldham, told him about the popularity of the word “touch” in the bible. Oldham advised Bill to write a song about this word.

“He Touched Me” by Bill Gaither

“He Touched Me” was then written by Bill in 1963 and first recorded by Doug Oldham in 1964. The words of the song are undeniably touching. Anyone who knows Jesus will definitely fall in love and relate to this single instantly. The pure honesty of this song is the reason why artists continuously cover this single. Some of the artists who recorded “He Touched Me” were Connie Smith, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Elvis Presley, Joey and Rory Feek, and many more.

Joey and Rory’s Version

We all know that when it comes to recording gospel songs, all of Joey and Rory’s singles are excellent. They have proved this when they release their last album Hymns That Are Important to Us in 2016. The album is a collection of gospel songs that Joey and Rory loved, one of which is Bill Gaither’s “He Touched Me.”

Last Album Together

Rory Joey Feek Hymns He Touched Me
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Joey and Rory’s version was not released as a single, therefore, “He Touched Me” didn’t enter the chart. However, it was nominated during the 2016 GMA Dove Award. The album reached number one on the Billboard Christian and Top Country Albums Chart.


Bill Gaither, He Touched Me, Joey and Rory Feek

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