November 21

In Memory: Joey Feek’s Radiant Singing of “Jesus Loves Me”

Alright, I picked the song for two reasons. First, it is my all time favorite song. (Yeah, I know. It is a kiddie song. Try not to smirk.) Second, I like how the video below shows Joey in high spirit as she joyfully sings how much Jesus loves her. And just look at how cute it is for this beautiful mom to be singing praise to Jesus while carrying her toddler! (Now, I have an idea on how I want to be remembered in the future through a film. I will do as Joey did. Hmm.)


“Jesus Loves Me” may have basic and simple wording, but its timeless message was never shallow. Most of us used to sing this in children’s Sunday school because both melody and lyrics were easy to remember.

Did it ever occur to you how among the many kids’ praises taught us, they were quickly forgotten, but not this one? Why would most missionaries or itinerant Sunday school teachers choose this song besides its elementary element? Could it be that some higher powers were behind its inspiration and wildfire spread across the globe?

About why I said it is my favorite (even now that I am an adult), it is because the more I understand the defining characteristics of God’s love, the more I am amazed! If there is one word I would use as a description for it, that would be ‘crazy.’ How could God, who has nothing to lose if he gives up on mankind, incessantly offer his love to ingrates like us? That blows my mind! And, come on! Don’t tell me you truly understand why Jesus loves you. No matter how much you theologically or philosophically explain it, in the end, you will also just have to admit that you do not understand.

Anyway, here is Joey Feek singing “Jesus Loves Me” with her beloved family. Though you were not there to visibly witness their show, you can still take part in the joy they felt and imparted that night.


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