November 15

Rare Catch of Joey Feek Vibrantly Singing, “I’m a Christian Woman”

Joey Feek’s earthly body may be lying on a bed of clovers near their farmhouse, but her presence is tangibly felt whenever we see her on recordings and films. In one of their gigs with partner and hubby, Rory Feek, Joey humorously sang a song celebrating Christian women’s distinctions. To sum, far from being mere church girls, Christian women are authentic beauties not primarily because of what they profess but for the distinct life they exemplify.

To the tune of Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5,” enjoy Joey’s singing of “I’m a Christian Woman” from start to finish!

Pity that they didn’t put this one into a record. Joey Feek’s a long-time fan of Dolly Parton, hence, the “9 to 5” tune. Hope Dolly will pick this one in her next album.

Joey Feek’s Evident Legacy

From their speedy climb to fame in “Can You Duet?” to their ACM Win in 2010 as “Top New Vocal Duo,” Joey Feek still charms more fans with her strong, Country vocals. Top that with a beautiful heart that beats for the things of God, there’s nothing else to look for. Her last recorded album, “Hymns that Our Important to Us” was remarkably done. Undoubtedly, she and Rory made beautiful music together. Still, she effortlessly beamed whenever she did solo.

Seeing beyond the glamour of Joey Feek’s recording success, she made a greater impact when she publicly braved her battle with cancer. Millions who followed her journey were more than inspired. People note Joey’s simple choices in the comfort of her home from personally doing chores to gardening, and on to her motherhood. On the surface, they’re ordinary glimpses of one’s country life. But underneath those little things was a wealth of memories that enriched her life in far more significant ways than when she’s on the stage.

Hence, we raise a toast to Joey Feek’s lasting impact be it on-stage or off!


Joey Feek, Rory Feek

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