July 20

The Important Things in Life According to Joey and Rory

Joey and rory feek that's important to me

What is the best thing about being a mom? Is it hearing your children’s laughter, cooking for your family or spending time with them? The simple things in life usually count to be the best ones, especially when you are a mom. You cherish every moment with your family because it is far more important than all the money in the world. Not only for mothers but for everyone. We may be complicated individuals, but we always remember and appreciate the simple things in life.

“That’s Important to Me” Performance on Billboard

Joey and Rory Feek know that there are more important things in life. Their song “That’s Important to Me” was one of the singles from their second studio album Album Number Two. The song entered the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at No. 51. Only “That’s Important to Me” entered the Billboard chart. The album entered in three different categories of the Billboard chart. Album Number two placed at No. 9 on the Top Country Album, No. 11 on the Independent Albums, and No. 60 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The Meaning of the Song

Joey and Rory wrote this song when they just got married. They wrote this song because they want the world to know how good it is to live a simple and beautiful life with the people you love. In the song, you can see how happy Joey is as a mom and a wife. She enjoyed every single day with her family. She loves the simple things like paying the bills, cooking a meal, and even gardening. Joey showed us in her song that it is always the simple things in life that you will remember. Joey and Rory Feek wanted to tell the world that there is more to life than just watching TV, or going to expensive places.

Listen to this beautiful song about living a simple life, which was written and performed by Joey and Rory Feek.

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