August 9

Joe Nichols’ Version of “Baby Got Back” Left Us Laughing and Amazed

Joe Nichols did what most might thought impossible with his rendition of “Baby Got Back.” With his band, they killed it and it was brilliant! Nobody can deny the impact of rap, hip-hop and urban music. It became a whole genre itself with all the beats and lightning quick recitation, even Joe Nichols has gotten in on action. He’s planning to keep things traditional but not losing his sense of humor by bringing us his country version of “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot, a Grammy-Winning, double platinum certified hit from 1992.

You might be like me who was skeptical at first because I don’t think that this country cover of a hip-hop song would work. Although, there’s an old saying “If the Song is good, a song is good,” especially when it comes to Joe Nichols.

“I started playing that song as kind of a ha-ha moment on my ban. I did it by myself with my acoustic guitar, but the joke was on me because they joined in right away and started playing the song with me, and I kinda had to catch up with them and remember the words. It was a funny couple of moments there, so we kind of tightened it up as a band and started playing it as a thing in the show. Over the years it’s been popular. It’s funny, and it’s a different moment that gets people thinking, ‘These guys don’t take themselves too seriously.”

Joe Nichols’ producer, Mickey Jack Cones, requested recording the tune with few extra minutes in the studio with an attitude “if it doesn’t turn out good, no one will hear it, but what if it does?”

“Of course, the band killed it,” Joe says, laughing. “They did extra steel guitar on there, which I love. It was such a funny moment for them. They were very confident and funny laughing while they were playing.”

Watch and laugh with amazement as Joe Nichols and his band kill the song “Baby Got Back. Let us know if you are also amused the same as we do by leaving a comment below.



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