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Joe Nichols Covers Charley Pride’s “The Rose Is for Today”

Joe Nichols Covers Charley Pride's "The Rose Is for Today" 1

Covering the Song

Joe Nichols is one of the modern artists who embrace their traditional roots. Having said that, he has been covering a series of classic country songs. In a new video, Joe Nichols explains why he chose “The Rose is for Today” by Charley Pride as his latest cut. This song was included in Joe Nichols’ Album, Never Gets Old

In an interview Joe Nichols said:

“‘The Rose Is for Today’ is a song that I first heard a long time ago, maybe when I first come to Nashville.”

Charley Pride recorded the song back in 1977. Then, included it on his album, She’s Just an Old Love Turned Memory.

“When I heard it, I immediately thought of my longtime sweetheart and eventual wife, Heather, and I wanted to include it with this project because it’s a special song to me, it’s a special song to my relationships, and it takes me back to when I had nothing going for me,” Nichols said.

The Story of the Album

On June 2017, Joe Nichols released a brand-new single, “Never Gets Old.” Written by Steve Moakler and Connie Harrington, the song is a love song, in which Nichols sings about how

“time has a way

Of wearing on things …

And it don’t ever stop”

but, fortunately,

“love has a way

 Of outliving everything.”

Below, Nichols tells The Boot about finding “Never Gets Old” and deciding to make it his own.

“Connie wrote [my song] “She Only Smokes When She Drinks” — co-wrote it — so she’s a great writer — a long string of hits for her.”

“I wanted to desperately find something that was, you know, Shenandoah’s “Next to You, Next to Me” — a throwback, Randy Travis, foot-tapping type of thing, you know? Don Williams even a little bit — just something along that line: feels good, doesn’t have to be explosive, doesn’t have to be making a statement or anything, just has to feel good and [have] a good sentiment.”

“When I heard “Never Gets Old,” I was very grateful, because it’s something you don’t find very often when you specifically ask for something … [but the song has changed from the demo] quite a bit. I think there’s more folk-y [elements] on the demo, and I think it’s done well, but I think we kind of made it more of a — more me.”

“It is the album title, yeah. I think we’re implying that I never get old — maybe sarcastically, I don’t know.”

Listen to “Never Gets Old” below.

Did Joe Nichols made a good job covering Charley Pride’s 1977 hit “The Rose is for Today?”

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this story with your family and friends. God Bless Your Heart.


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