June 29

Joe Nichols’ ‘Never Gets Old’

Joe Nichols’ ‘Never Gets Old’ 1

Joe Nichols is very proud to say that his new song “Never Gets Old” isn’t just a throwback to country music, it’s a throwback to him. He was always viewed as a traditionalist but Nichols admits this new song hits his rewind button, and he quite likes it.

“Never Gets Old” is the new single from his new Never Gets Old album, to be released on July 28. His suave country voice limits him to cross other genres but previous songs “Yeah,” “Sunny and 75? have been more sophisticated. The new project has some of that feels, but he made sure to reminisce a few legends.

“I tried to round this album out with what my first album is like,” he says in an interview earlier this month in the Taste of Country Music Festival. “I’m really proud of how country the label allowed me to be and at the end of the day I’m really excited to see what the fans think of the country album.”

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Nichols said that he is passionate about the traditional country and he draws inspiration from it. It is one of the main reasons that got Nichols to start. We have to agree that the song has a recall of a forgotten sound, but it doesn’t sound old. That, however, sets him apart from other singers of this generation. He is highly aware of the need for that to remain relevant. That’s not why he decided to cut a Sir Mix-a-Lot song, however.

 “It would go against everything I believe musically,” Nichols says, laughing. “But at the same time, it goes with everything I believe musically.”

Here is the list of the album’s songs that we have to watch out for:

1. “Diamonds Make Babies”
2. “Girl in the Song”
3. “We All Carry Something”
4. “I’d Sing About You”
5. “Breathless”
6. “Tall Boys”
7. “Hostage”
8. “Never Gets Old”
9. “Billy Graham’s Bible”
10. “So You’re Saying”
11. “This Side of the River”
12. “Baby Got Back” (feat. Darren Knight)

Listen to Never Gets Old here and enjoy!


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