November 26

Celebrating the Life of Joe Nichols as He Turns 42 Today

Artist’s Background

Born on November 26, 1976, Joseph Edward Nichols, simply known as Joe Nichols grew up in Rogers, Arkansas. In fact, he traces his roots as part Cherokee. His father was a trucker and played the bass guitar in local country bands. As a child, Nichols found himself amused by the guitar and tried playing it himself. Soon, he discovered his talent in playing the guitar and singing. Eventually, he found a job in a local rock band. And after that, he took a job as a country disc jockey.

Music Career

Nichols started his music career with The Rodeo Band. They played in high school gymnasiums and small clubs. Throughout his career, he released nine studio albums which have been all well-received by country music fans across the country. These albums are Joe Nichols (1996), Man with a Memory (2002), Revelation (2004), A Traditional Christmas (2004), III (2005), Real Things (2007), Old Things New (2009), Crickets (2013), and Never Gets Old (2017). Overall, these albums have produced him more than 14 Top 40 singles on the Billboard charts.

Furthermore, Nichols has also dominated the charts with a number of his number one hits. Among these are “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” “Gimmie That Girl,” Sunny and 75,” and “Yeah,” which was RIAA Gold-certified. However, the most famous no. 1 country smash that he has ever released was his 2002 hit “Brokenheartsville.”


Released in 2002, “Brokenheartsville” came into life with the pens of Donny Kees, Blake Mevis, Randy Boudreaux, and Clint Daniels. It then went to Joe Nichols who recorded it. Soon, the song became his signature hit.

The single became a part of Nichols’ 2002 album Man with a Memory. In addition, it became his first no. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Also, “Brokenheartsville” gave him his second consecutive Grammy nomination for Best Male Country Vocal Performance.

Check out Joe Nichols’ most popular no. 1 hit, “Brokenheartsville:”

Personal Life

On September 9, 2007, Nichols married Heather Singleton in Savannah, Georgia. Interestingly, he met Singleton when they were both 19 years old. They were blessed with a daughter in 2012. Two years later, the couple again welcomed another daughter and named her Georgia Blue.


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