October 10

Joe Nichols’ “Billy Graham’s Bible” Revives Traditional Country Record

Driven by a passion to revive traditional country music, Arkansas native Joe Nichols released “Never Gets Old” in 2017. It’s a record of 12 soul-stirring tracks including “This Side of the River,” “Billy Graham’s Bible,” and “We All Carry Something.”

True to his desire to fill one of country legend’s shoes like Merle Haggard, Don Williams, and Marty Robbins, Nichols persists to stick with the sounds of laid-back guitars and accordions while featuring glimpses of real-life scenarios in his music videos.

With this throwback approach set in Nichols’ raw, countrified voice, these tracks were meant to outlast today’s typical releases branded as country.

Today’s Feature: “Billy Graham’s Bible”

Originally recorded in 2012 and included in his 2013 album, “Cricket,” Joe Nichols commends “Billy Graham’s Bible” as one of his favorites.  Apparently a tribute to the late and well-respected American evangelist, Billy Graham, the song is also one great message of affirmation. It basically says that everything and everyone has a purpose on earth.

Listen to Joe Nichols’ thoughts on “ Billy Graham’s Bible” here:

SONG ANATOMY: Billy Graham’s Bible, Willie’s Old Guitar & Joe

Going against the grain of the “no rhyme or reason” cliché, Nichols uses Graham’s Bible and Nelson’s guitar “Trigger” as illustrations of his journey to stardom. Like any aspiring artist, there were times when he felt like a book earning dust on a shelf, or a six-stringed instrument locked up in a closet.

Back when he was 20, he wanted to be recognized as a traditional country artist.  His attempt was a roller-coaster ride as he had to compete with a lot of pop and hippish songs released under the banner of Country Music.

Fast forward today, his efforts finally paid off as his and the likes of Chris Stapleton are gaining more ground in the industry to bring back the sound of real country.

“I’m a country guy, and I think people have kinda known that for years, that I’m always a traditional country guy. And if I can squeeze in a little space on country radio with a traditional country song like this one, then I think it’s a little bit bigger than me, and it gives other people that are like me maybe a little bit of hope that you can get played on the radio with a country song,” ( Joe Nichols, Taste of Country )

Need this time to contemplate? Watch the lyric video in full. 


Joe Nichols

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