December 28

Celebrating Joe Diffie’s 59th Birthday

Joe Diffie (born Joe Logan Diffie), is celebrating his 59th birthday today. Born on December 28, 1958, at Tulsa, Oklahoma, he released hit country music ballads and novelty songs like If The Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets), Home, Third Rock From The Sun, Bigger Than The Beatles, and Pickup Man.

Joe Diffie has come a long way from his humble beginnings as a demo singer in the 1980’s. He is a multi-platinum selling artist who continues to tour, write and record several projects for the music industry. He’s also had a very early exposure to music, due to the musical background of his family. His first-ever performance occurred when he was part of his aunt’s country music band. His mother was on vocals then, while his father played both the banjo and the guitar. Thanks to his mom’s influence and his father’s record collection, Diffie soon grew more accustomed to enhancing his natural gift for singing.

Before he became a recording artist, he became part of a gospel group, Higher Purpose as well as a bluegrass band called Special Edition.

Then, Diffie established a recording studio while he began to tour with Special Edition. He also sent demo recordings to numerous Nashville-based publishers. His efforts gained little success, with his song, Love On The Rocks being recorded by Hank Thompson and his other tracks being put on hold by Randy Travis but was never put on record.

Ultimately, Joe Diffie had to close his studio due to bankruptcy. But he never stopped aiming for his goal. Despite going through depression, he continued recording and sending more demos while he worked at Gibson Guitar Corporation. More and more artists, like Billy Dean, Alabama, The Forester Sisters, and Ricky Van Shelton began recording his songs. It was then that Joe decided to work full-time as a demo recorder. Soon, then-vice president of A&R at Epic Records, Bob Montgomery, reached out to Diffie and informed him of his desire to sign him to a contract.

While he was offered a recording contract, Diffie had to be put on hold. Finally, in 1990, he released his debut album, A Thousand Winding Roads. His first single Home rose to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, as well as on the country music charts that were published by Gavin Report and Radio Records. The success of his single led Joe Diffie to be hailed as the first-ever country artist to have had his debut single peak at number one on all the aforementioned charts.

In 1992, he released his second album titled Regular Joe. Recording Industry Association of America gave the Regular Joe a gold certification after its first two singles peaked at the 5th spot on the Billboard charts. Next, the third single, Next Thing Smokin’ snagged the number one spot on Radio & Records, while Not Too Much to Ask and Next Thing Smokin’ made it to the top 20 of the country charts.

His succeeding albums also gained impressive success. Honky Tonk was certified platinum, Third Rock From the Sun became Joe Diffie’s most chart-topping Country Album and was also his second consecutive platinum album; and Life’s So Funny contained the song, Bigger Than The Beatles, which was the last number one single in his career.

Other amazing albums he released are Twice Upon A Time, Greatest Hits, A Night To Remember, In Another World, Tougher Than Nails, The Ultimate Collection, and Homecoming.

Joe Diffie is currently slated to perform in numerous tours across the state. From January to August, his schedule is fully booked and he is expected to perform in different states like Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, and Ohio, to name a few.


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