October 4

Joe Bonsall Shares Post-Surgery Updates

The Oak Ridge Boys’ Joe Bonsall returns to the spotlight after undergoing surgery.

Upon his return, he chose to reach out to his fans using social media. A month ago, Bonsall had to undergo surgery due to a genetic condition called Dupuytren’s Contracture. It is exhibited by the deformity of the hand which usually develops over the years.

Dupuytren’s Contracture affects a layer of tissue lying underneath the palm’s skin. The condition causes tissue knots to form under the skin. Over time, these knots bundle together to create a thick cord, and the cord pulls one or more fingers of the affected hand into a bent position. When this happens, the bent fingers it will be difficult to fully straighten or stretch the bent fingers.

Bonsall posted an update on his Twitter account, last Tuesday, September 26, along with 4 photos depicting his hand before and post-surgery. Pre-surgery photos of his hand looked really frightening that fans could only imagine the kind of pain Bonsall had to go through prior to his operation. On the other hand, his hand did look remarkably better in the post-surgery pictures. The post-surgery pics were taken when Joe was already about a month into his recovery.

4 weeks ago I had surgery on my right hand for Dupuytren’s Contracture… Before, During Today … Thank You @tennessee_ortho @dupuytren” he tweets.

In an interview, the singer reveals that he is feeling much better compared to when he could not straighten his fingers and felt the despair of no longer being able to continue his love for playing the banjo. The following day after his tweet, he gives fans a follow-up update.

“If the swelling goes away at base of little finger and Doc said it would I am back in high Cotton. Doing my exercises religiously…”

Fans and loved ones of the amazing country artist have expressed their delight over his recovery, and are now hoping that his hand gets all better in no time. Meanwhile, the Oak Ridge Boys maintains their busy schedule as they push through with the remaining dates for their tour schedules before finally wrapping it up on December 31 this year.


Joe Bonsall, Oak Ridge Boys

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