October 11

Joan Osborne’s Greatest Hit Song “One of Us”

Initially, humans are curious about everything. Thus, we do not stop until we find the answer. Further, curiosity always fascinates us and tickles our interest. In addition, we get disappointed when we discover less than we expected. Even more, being intrigued can lead to destruction or a construction of a new idea.

“The Woman with a Curious Mind”

Joan Elizabeth Osborne is known for singing “One of Us.” She is an American singer-songwriter and interpreter of music. Further, she is spectacular for her wide range of genre including pop, country, R&B, soul, and blues. Anyhow, being an independent artist is not easy for Osborne. I think that, like her, sometimes we need to prove something for us to be known.

Incidentally, she moved to New York City,  as it is where she created her own record label “Womanly Hips.” More importantly, she signed with Mercury Records to begin her journey as an artist. Therefore, releasing her first album naming it as “Soul Show Live at Delta 88”. In 1995, she released “One of Us” which became a grand slam hit and she rose to fame. Osborne is culturally diverse in terms of songwriting. Her roots and the new neighborhood in New York City influenced her.

“The Iconic Song”

“One of Us” was written by Eric Bazilian and performed by Osborne, it was released in 1995. The same year in November, the song became a massive hit reaching no. 4 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and earning her 3 Grammy Nominations.

The popularity of the song is unstoppable and it opened the opportunity for Osborne to be known worldwide. The song was plainly a statement of faith asking questions on “what if’s” and being curious. Incidentally, the traditionalist critics labeled it as blasphemy, they thought that the lyrics is equating God with poor beggars or a slob. Anyhow, we are free to express what we think and it’s just a matter of perception on how will you interpret the song.

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Joan Elizabeth Osborne, Mercury Records, One of Us

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