July 11

What is Your Answer to Joan Osborne’s Question, What if God was “One Of Us?”

Oftentimes, we wonder about all the things that surround us. Where did the universe come from? How and when was it done? Is there really a God? All of these questions are related to Joan Osborne’s rendition of the popular gospel rock “One Of Us.”

The track was brilliantly written by Eric Bazilian. It questions the co-existence of God within our very own community. If you haven’t thought about it as well, then you better start questioning it now.

joan osborne, god
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Joan Osborne’s First Hit Song

This song established Joan Osborne’s career in music. It got her multiple Grammy nominations for Song Of The Year, Record Of The Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal. All these would not have been possible if the songwriter did not approach Joan. It was, fortunately, her great performance of the song that really made the producers choose her.

In an interview, Brazilian said:

“For me, the song was more about what happens to you when you look at something that has completely changed your world view, which could be meeting God, it could be meeting an alien, it could be a near-death experience, it could be anything like that. Just how everything you know is wrong, or everything you know is right, and you didn’t know it.”

joan osborne, god
via Joan Osborne’s official Facebook page

What if God really was one of us?

When I first heard the song, it really made me think of all the possibilities of it being true. What if He is disguising as someone who is helping the world secretly? What if He is just some spectator watching our every move and judging if we are worthy?

Joan Osborne’s song will really make you wonder about all these things and the frustrating part about it is not knowing the answer. They say that all will be revealed once you die but the truth is, no one really knows. This is an interesting part of our faith and beliefs. We will not lose anything if we believe that He is there watching us. In fact, it kind of gives us more hope; thus leading to a more positive life.

Listen to Joan Osborne’s first hit song here:


joan osborne

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