October 30

“God is God:” A Straight from the Heart Appreciation by Joan Baez

Most of us know Him by name, but we don’t see that He played an important role in our lives. Thus, we forget the miracles that he made, and the worse thing is, most of us don’t believe in Him. Even more, others are mocking Him and making fun of His name. But, Joan Baez taught us what God really is.

“The Gospel Singer”

Joan Baez is a multi-talented person, she is not just a musician, but she also does a lot of things. At the age of 77, she is still active in the music industry. Since she is one of the most influential persons in the industry, aspiring artists always look up to her. Also, she was regarded as a folk singer when she rose to fame, but due to the tight competition, she embraced other forms of music genres. Personally, I guess the gospel genre is really her comfort zone because she is always emotional when she sings gospel songs.

Joan Baez was well-known for her songwriting skills, but she needs to be recognized as well in other aspects. Furthermore, she had massive success in the 60’s, and her first three albums were at its peak too. Hence, there must be something in her songs that’s why the public loved her.

“Knowing Him”

“God is God” was one of the gospel songs of Joan Baez and it specifically talks about God and his capabilities. Sometimes we tend to forget who God really is and the mighty things that he can do. Even more, others who live on this planet don’t have any single idea who He is. It’s just a good thing that we have singers like Joan Baez who incorporates the wonders of the Lord through her songs.

Our life is like a test; sometimes we will encounter a rough and tough road. Hence putting our faith to the test but with the mighty power of the Lord, we can overcome anything. Eventually, at the end of a rough test, we will be rewarded, provided that we have been faithful. Joan Baez did not just interpret “God is God” for nothing. She wants us to know that we have this higher being that always looks after us.


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