August 24, 2018

Inspired and Stronger, Jo Dee Messina is Back on the Road

Inspired and Stronger, Jo Dee Messina is Back on the Road 1
A screenshot of Jo Dee Messina performing “Bigger Than This” on Huckabee | Source: Youtube

September last year marked a dark journey in the life of country singer Jo Dee Messina as she disclosed her cancer diagnosis to the public. Her six-month cancer treatment prompted her to cancel the rest of her upcoming projects. But aside from battling a physical illness, the singer had to face all the troubles that went along with the disease. She’s sick, not allowed to work, and has to raise two young sons alone. She later confessed such ordeal she went through was a real test of her faith.

Thankfully, the I’m Alrightsinger, who is turning 48 tomorrow, is now feeling well and back into the spotlight. This was confirmed by Messina’s team through a Facebook post on March 29. She is more than excited to share with everyone the newest music she created inspired by her cancer battle. Also, Messina has been invited to perform at the 44th Annual Country Music show held at the Mack Park fairgrounds last July 15.

Having her birthday tomorrow, the singer has so many reasons to celebrate life. In fact, her return to the music scene from a cancer trail speaks soundly of the new life she has had. And for sure, that’s one thing she’s grateful for. Her new music has strongly attested to this. According to the post on her official Facebook fan page,

“That new music speaks directly to where Jo Dee’s heart was during a tumultuous summer and where it remains today—a place of gratitude for an unconditional, real, and faithful love.”

Bigger Than This

In her new song “Bigger Than This,” Messina tried to explain how her ordeal helped strengthen her faith and personality. Everything that Messina had gone through since her cancer diagnosis didn’t happen for no reason at all. Or, those issues – health, personal, and financial she faced did not exist to crush her down. They are meant to help the singer refocus her heart on God’s enormity. In the midst of all the chaos she’s surrounded with, she continued to praise and honor God’s presence in her life. Realizing that God would remain greater than her problems, Messina took this down to words that would become her new song. “Bigger Than This” refers to God, a song that the Bye, Byesinger is greatly proud of.

“It is so easy to focus on the hard times; to center our minds on the negative; to allow the good to be blurred by the bad. While faced with hard times, negative, and the bad, Jo Dee put pen to paper.”

To ensure the successful completion of the special song, Messina enlisted the help of producers Seth Mosley and X O Connor of Full Circle Music. Watch the stronger Jo Dee Messina performing her new song inspired by her cancer battle, “Bigger Than This,” live on Huckabee.

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