Prayers are now being sought by the Osmond family especially by the brother-sister duo, Donny and Marie, for their brother, Jimmy, who suffered a stroke during his performance last week.

During a performance of Peter Pan in Birmingham, England last week, Jimmy Osmond, the youngest of the Osmond children, suffered a stroke. He was playing Captain Hook and finished the show before being rushed to the hospital.

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According to BBC News, Jimmy’s representative shared that he pushed through the performance and was later diagnosed with a stroke. It was not his first though. Also, according to USA Today, Jimmy suffered a stroke back in 2004 that was caused by a hole in his heart that didn’t close after birth.

A Li’l About Jimmy Osmond

“Little Jimmy,” as he was popularly called, emerged as a pop star. He enjoyed his success as a solo artist and a member of the American sibling group, The Osmonds, throughout the ‘70s. Of the group, his older brother, Donny, is perhaps the most famous.

Donny shared a picture of him with Jimmy on Twitter and asked for prayers. He wrote:

“Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers on behalf of my little brother, Jimmy. I love you, brother.”

Donny Osmond

On the other hand, their sister, Marie, also shared the news and asked for more prayers via Twitter. On her official account, she wrote:

“Prayers for my brother Jimmy.”

Marie Osmond

Marie is the Osmond that is most closely associated with country music. She has scored multiple hits in the ‘80s. This includes her most famous country hit, “Meet Me in Montana” with Dan Seals. In 2011, she and Donny released their album called Donny and Marie, which was a hit for country music fans.

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The unfortunate incident happened at the Hippodrome in Birmingham on Thursday, Dec. 27.

Jimmy Osmond’s music was most successful in Europe and Japan. He is married and has four children.

To have a glimpse of Jimmy’s performance in Birmingham, here is a video for you to watch:


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