December 5

“Raggedy Ann” as Recited by Little Jimmy Dickens

It’s true that Christmas is a season for merriment and festivities. But, that’s only one side of the coin. On its flip-side, not a few people have experienced heartaches in the month of December.

On the Christmas day of 2014, Opry’s prized legend, ,Little Jimmy Dickens suffered a stroke and eventually died of cardiac arrest on the second of January 2015. Hence, we want to commemorate this Opry figure by bringing one of his most memorable act, “(You’ve Been Quite a Doll) Raggedy Ann”  to the surface.

Enjoy the video here:

We can’t help but smile whenever Little Jimmy’s name gets mentioned. He loves to entertain people knowing that they drove for miles just to get to Opry and is mighty good with it. The only exception is this recitation which easily puts even grown-ups to tears.

Among all his novelty classics, “Raggedy Ann (You’ve Been Quite a Doll)” is the most popular.

Little Jimmy Dickens: Grand Ole Opry’s Hillbilly Hero

Branded the “Tater,” this rhinestone-studded country legend has lived well until the ripe age of 94 making him the oldest member of Opry since 1948. He is survived by his wife, Mona Dickens with his children and grandchildren. Topping his influence which spanned for more than half a century, Little Jimmy Dickens was regarded as one of the purest voice of Country. Furthermore, he was the first Country artist to tour the world

Standing at four feet and eleven inches, Dickens’ a giant in wit. Without fail, he made people laugh with his jokes making him an Opry favorite. Once, he told the audience that he’s “Mighty Mouse in Pajamas.”

True to his words, he may be little, but he’s loud. There will never be another “Tater” in the history.

Posted by Little Jimmy Dickens on Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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