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Jim Reeves’ Solution to Happy Life in His Song “Across the Bridge”

Jim Reeves' Solution to Happy Life in His Song “Across the Bridge” 1
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We Thank Thee

Jim Reeves always knows how to deliver a heartfelt song. His voice accompanied by a well-written song is all that makes a song outstandingly good. “Across The Bridge” does not differ from all of Jim Reeves song. “Across the Bridge” is one of the tracks on his all-gospel album We Thank Thee, which was released in 1962. We Thank Thee is Jim’s album that contains 12 songs from traditional hymns. One of his track, “Across the Bridge,” was written by Walter Scott. In addition, Walter Scott is an American songwriter who is known for the songs he wrote, which are “Across the Bridge” and “Burning Bridges.”

Cover Versions

In 1962, Jim Reeves first recorded the song. After its release, other artists covered the song from 1969 to 2015, these artists include Cliff Ledger, Jim Tobin, Alan Ladd, and Ian Greig.

About the Song

The song speaks about a sinner who is tired of living in this world. He knows that he has committed a lot of sins and he cannot undo all of those things. However, he is ready to repent from all of it. He wanted a life that is more than the happiness that people experience here on earth. He wants real happiness, where it cannot be taken away anymore from him. Do you know where he found one? He found it in God. The narrator says that happiness is only seen across the bridge, which means that when we die and go to heaven, this is the only place where we can find true happiness. Do you agree with the narrator of the song?

Furthermore, “Across the Bridge” also gives us a picture of what will happen if we will be in heaven. The narrator assures us that when we are with God, there will be no more sorrow and no more pain. All we will experience there is pure joy. Heaven is such a beautiful and nice place to be, isn’t it?

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Jim Reeves, we thank thee

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