May 30

A Sneak Peek On Jim Lauderdale’s New Single, “Time Flies”

Do you know all about Jim Lauderdale? Recently, he has released a preview of one of his new songs, “Time Flies”. Before we dig deeper into the details, let us get to know more about him first.

A Sneak Peek On Jim Lauderdale’s New Single, “Time Flies” 1

A Songwriter’s Songwriter

James Russell Lauderdale, commonly known as Jim Lauderdale, is a country, bluegrass, and Americana singer-songwriter. He has spanned 29 studio albums of creative roots. He has also recorded albums with Dr. Ralph Stanley, the North Mississippi Allstars, Donna the Buffalo, Elvis Presley’s band, Elvis Costello and Buddy Miller. Lauderdale is the second most recorded writer in George Strait’s canon. In addition, he is responsible for the country hit of Patty Loveless, George Jones, Mark Chesnutt and the Dixie Chicks. A longtime ambassador of the Americana genre, he received the Wagon Master Lifetime Achievement Award, in Nashville at the Americana Honors and Awards show, on September 21, 2016.

Moreover, Lauderdale has had a long-time, successful Music Row career composing songs for many mainstream country music singers under different major label contracts.

Lauderdale’s New Single

A new single will be featured on Lauderdale’s upcoming summer album of the same name. In Jim Lauderdale’s new single, “Time Flies”, the music flawlessly arrests the poignant feeling of time passing. Its lyrics tell of a love that “almost made it until the curtain call”, but ultimately met its end with a usual emotional chaos. Lauderdale penned the song together with Mando Saenz. Here we can see how brilliant Lauderdale’s skill as a songwriter and performer is. Moreover, he is capable of always crafting great music to mix polishes that add up to relevant pieces of Americana gold.

On August 3, Lauderdale will actually have two album releases in addition to Time Flies. Jim Lauderdale and Roland White will also come out, featuring recently uncovered recordings made in 1979, with the mandolin legend.

Now, we can share a 28-second video of some parts of the song. We will make sure to keep you updated of his incoming songs and the totality of his album.

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Jim Lauderdale, Time Flies

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