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Buddy Jewell Sings Daughter Lacey, “Help Pour Out The Rain”

Buddy Jewell Sings Daughter Lacey, “Help Pour Out The Rain” 1

A witty conversation with kids is always charming. Oftentimes, we find ourselves fascinated with their innocence and cuteness. When they start asking you a series of random questions, some of them are even out of this world, you find yourself running out of answers. But for sure, you’ll never lose your patience. Instead, you end up amused after a moment of speechlessness.

Sometimes, if not always, these little ones are the inspiration behind some adults’ great deeds. Such was what exactly happened to TV’s Nashville Star winner, Buddy Jewell.

Song Inspiration

Over two decades ago, Jewell and his four-year-old daughter, Lacey were on their way to the latter’s daycare. All of a sudden, the little girl spoke words that left her dad startled for a while. Jewell recalled his Lacey said,

“Daddy, I don’t think I want to go to heaven.”

Surprised, he responded to her daughter in a humorous manner. He described the other place as not having air conditioning. Hence, he told her daughter she might want to reconsider it. But the following question that the kid popped stunned his fatherly heart. She asked,

“Daddy, if I go to heaven, will God let me pour out the rain?”

As a songwriter, Jewell didn’t initially think what a great hook her daughter’s naïve query was. It was only after a year when he remembered those words and began writing them into a song. The tune entitled “Help Pour Out The Rain”, which he dedicated to her daughter, was completed in late 1999.

Jewell’s Stardom With The Song

At first, the song didn’t have an appeal among several artists. When Jewell started playing it out live, he’d seen people’s reaction on it. It was then he realized he has written a good song. The track’s recording did not happen right away though. Country music artist Trace Adkins put it on hold in May 2002 for Jewell’s next album. But such brief deferment, as described by Jewell, was a ‘kind of miracle in itself’. The singer was able to use the song for Nashville Star talent competition which he was auditioning at that time.

Astoundingly, Jewell won the Nashville Star competition via popular votes from fans and audience of the show. This earned him a recording contract with an album produced by another country music figure Clint Black. Just two days after Jewell’s victory, the tune was released. It eventually peaked at No. 3 on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart while it landed at No. 29 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The track became the highest-debuting single by a new country artist since the Nielsen SoundScan’s inception in 1990.

When people asked him what his daughter Lacey was getting out of the song, Jewell always said the same thing:

“Her college education!”


Buddy Jewell, Clint Black, Trace Adkins

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