August 3, 2018

When Things go Awry, Pray and Let Jesus Take the Wheel

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Freedom and Control

The feeling of having the full authority over your own life may sometimes be fulfilling. You decide where to go, what do, and whom to be with. If you make mistakes, you take full responsibility and find ways to cope with it. It’s our human nature to crave for freedom and control.

However, dissatisfaction and uneasiness continue to lurk your way as you try to make everything right, all by yourself. From time to time, you experience emotional upset, physical flagging, relationship problem, or even mental blocks. Things seem to get out of control, and you stand there flustered. Then that’s the time you realize, your strength is never enough. In our attempt to rely on our own wisdom, we are doomed to failure. You are too small to carry the weight of this world on your shoulders.

Let go and let God

What then should you do? Ask for support. And whom to ask for? It’s no other than from the One who created all things that exist. Let go of your apprehensions, and let Jesus take the wheel. We have to trust Him. Also, we must recognize that anxiety hinders us to fully trust in the will of the Lord. Written in the book of Matthew, Jesus commands us not to worry because He will take care of everything. Apostle Peter encourages us to cast our burdens upon Him. God loves us so much that he doesn’t want us to be troubled. That incomparable sacrifice on the Cross completed it all.

As you begin to let go and let God handle your burdens, remember that it won’t mean you are shirking your part in the process. You still have to stand and courageously face the circumstance with confidence as you become aware of your partnership with God. The solid foundation of God’s spirit within you will give you the confidence to triumph over confronts that try to tear you down.

Always put this words from the book of Luke in your heart:

“You are always with me, and all that is mine is yours”

Jesus Take the Wheel

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood / Youtube

Carrie Underwood spread an inspiring message of surrender to God in her song, “Jesus Take the Wheel.” It narrates a story of a young woman who almost hit a sheet of black eyes while driving to see her parents for Christmas. Out of fear and confusion, especially that her baby is with her, she slammed the brakes and let Jesus take in control. But of course you won’t take the song literally, you still have to take your foot off the gas and steer on the right direction to get out of the skid, right?

The song would like to highlight that Jesus will always be the refuge whom we can count on at all times, from the light struggles to the heaviest one.

Written by Hillary Lindsey, Brett James, and Gordie Sampson, the single was released off Underwood’s debut album, Some Hearts. It spent six consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Further, the track won the Grammys for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song. It also brought home the award for ACM’s Single of the Year in 2005.

Above all the awards and success of the track, its message tops the essence of music. Take time to reflect as you watch this inspiring song from Carrie Underwood. God bless you, fella.

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Carrie Underwood, Jesus Takes The Wheel

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