January 4

Let Jesus Take the Wheel and Take Care of Everything


YESIREE! It is the start of a new year and the Beginning of a fresh chapter in our lives. I guess (just as anybody else would cares abouts), it’d be quite nice to kick things off WITH A BANG!

SOME OF YOU NICE FOLKS MAY THINK that we will be doin’ a Countdown of sorts or bringin’ the house down with some o’that good’ol rockin’ country music and videos. I do apologize. Don’t mean to rain on your parade or ruin your party, or sumfin’. But no.

FOR THIS DAY (with your kindest of indulgences), I’d wish to do it a little bit differently.

THE SEASON—both Christmas and the New Years—is a period of closure and new beginnings, as they say. So now, let us do some closure that’d be one for ’em books. In fact, why don’t we do (SURPRISE! SURPRISE!) one of my very own…

IT HAS BEEN MANY, MANY, MANY YEARS since I had last communication with any of my daughters. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even able to see my first grandchild being born! That WAS how bad a parent I had been. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

SHORE HAD MY BOUTS in this Life… I struggled so hard with my love for The Bottle. Slipping in and out of work—real nifty jobs, in fact. Not being able to take stock of things… Not having a grasp of important stuff… Simply, NOT HAVING ANY CONTROL OF MY LIFE!

DRUGS? Shore. Had some o’that shovel to help dig my own hole with to hide ma pitiful Self into.

FAILED MARRIAGES… Being estranged from my own daughters… Prison… Being homeless… Living a pathetic and miserable Life quite similar to that of a faded movie starlet… Yep, shore been there and been that! But that was…


NOW, ever since I surrendered everything—EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING—to Him everything has been smooth and rosy. Patched things up with me daughters and am now bonding with me grandkids (Mason and Coco) and a great job to boot!  Life is real sunny in fact. Yep, when I started to allow Him to take the wheel— that Past Life of mine had been a whole lot better… Much better… Happier… Clearer…

THESE DAYS, I could breathe a lot easier and see things brighter that I often need to wear me trusty ol’sunglasses. Ha! Ha! Ha! What the heck, the Future is sooo bright for me right now. Just got to wear ‘em! Hehehe.

FAMILY IS FAMILY and IT definitely is Our Kind of Country. And, that is that for my very own closure.

IN PARTING, I would wish to gift all you kind and beautiful folks with this great and inspiring song which is deeply close to my heart…


“May God Almighty Bless Us All and Set Us FREE!


Carrie Underwood, God, Jesus, jesus take the wheel

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