May 21

Get Down on Your Knees and Pray, “Jesus, It’s Me Again”

Often, we come across a gospel hymn. Always, we tend to overlook the person who wrote such a wonderful song. Dick Damron was born as Joseph Glenn Damron, on March 22, 1934. He is a Canadian country music singer and songwriter. He experimented with many musical styles in the country genre including ‘outlaw’, rockabilly, honky tonk, and gospel. Damron played with a wide circle of top-notch musicians, including Jerry Reed and Buddy Emmons in Nashville sessions, and James Burton sitting in at a Las Vegas jam. Moreover, numerous artists, including Charlie Pride, have covered his songs. Over his 60-yer career, he has recorded more than twenty-five albums. He received numerous country music awards and has been inducted into the International Country Music Hall Of Fame, in Beaumont, Texas. One of his significant awards was his gospel song, “Jesus, It’s Me Again”, as Best Single in 1984.

Get Down on Your Knees and Pray, “Jesus, It’s Me Again” 1

The Gospel Song, Jesus, It’s Me Again

Jesus it’s me again
Down on my knees again
Asking you please again
Reach out your hand.

Have you ever experienced calling out to Jesus, like this? At times, do you ask,

“Who is Jesus Christ to me?”

The Bible and Jesus’ life touches us. What Jesus desires is a heart that searches for him in everything that we do. Jesus is many things to us. If we are still trying to understand and decipher who Jesus is to us today, think of how much excitement there is when we want to talk to Him. Let us learn to distinguish His voice apart from other voices we hear every day. A lot of voices summons our attention each day, shouting to us from our laptops, televisions, movie screens and journals, saying, “Come one. Come all. Last day sale. Buy this!”…and so on…

As You Call Out to Him…

Somewhere in the middle of the chaos is the voice of God, whispering something different to us altogether. He whispers something more peaceful, tranquil and beautiful. In return, we just do not want to say this to Him every day,

“Jesus, it’s me again. Talk to me.”

With countless of voices opposing the decisions we make each day, how do we distinguish God’s voice from all the others? How do we know it is Jesus we call out to? Reflect today by listening to Charley Pride’s version of “Jesus, It’s Me Again”.

What about you? How do you discern the voice of God? Share them by leaving a comment below. Visit our website on Country Thang Daily to listen to more gospel songs.


Charley Pride, It’s Me Again, Jesus

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