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Always Feel Loved and Comforted by the Hymn “Jesus Loves Me”

Always Feel Loved and Comforted by the Hymn "Jesus Loves Me" 1
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Heartaches, failures, miseries, and the like would sometimes weaken our spirit until we end up feeling worthless and unloved. For people who aren’t strong enough, they make use of these circumstances as excuses not to live anymore. Hence, they just go with the flow and wouldn’t care about the future. In short, they’ve totally lost hope in life and in everything. But, others who still believe in new beginnings and try to see the brighter side of life would certainly resort to Jesus. These people are the kind who turn their troubles into pathways to reach out to the savior and seek His unconditional and boundless love. They tend to remind themselves of the phrase, “Jesus loves me” and won’t let me suffer in life. Doing so, they find comfort and peace of mind.

There have been many songs declaring God’s mighty love for His children. Most of these songs were derived from the Holy Bible. One great example is the popular Christian hymn “Jesus Loves Me” that Anna Bartlett Warner wrote in 1859. The song exudes warmth and comfort and no one who listens to it would ever feel unloved.

The Comforting Hymn, “Jesus Loves Me”

Originally a poem, “Jesus Loves Mewas written for the purpose of comforting a dying child. Hence, the hymn became very popular mostly among children. It’s commonly sung during children’s Sunday schools. But given the heartening aspect of the song, young people and adults alike became equally fascinated with it. Composer William Batchelder Bradburry put a tune to the poem in 1862 and likewise added his own chorus which we commonly remember about the song.

Yes, Jesus loves me! (2x)

Yes, Jesus loves me!

The Bible tells me so.

Below is a live rendition of the song “Jesus Loves Me” by the country music duo Joey+Rory back in 2016. It’s one of the duo’s last performances together before Joey passed away in March 2016. With the couple is their only daughter, Indy Feek.

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