February 2

Gospel Joy IV: Jesus Laughing

You’ve probably seen numerous pictures and paintings of Jesus Christ. Most of them depict him as either meek or stoic. It’s as if he had only known pain his whole life. But, do you honestly think he never laughed? Did he not have fun with his disciples? Well folks, do a reading of the New Testament. While most his teachings sounded serious, you’ll find some dashes of humor in his words. He’s actually very witty. Don’t believe me? Well, I’ll save that for the next paragraphs.

But first, here’s Mark Lowry again. This song just suits him.

“Jesus Laughing” by Mark Lowry

“It shows Him laughin, our Lord is laughin
His head thrown back with joy upon His loving face
And for a moment there something happens
I feel at peace just seein Jesus laughin”

Fun imagining that picture of Jesus ain’t it? Aside from seeing his smiling face, wish to hear him laughing, too.

Now, for those occasions when Jesus was funny. In his tirade against hypocrisies, he would oftentimes use puns. One that most may be familiar with is the phrase, “strain out a gnat but swallow a camel” (Matthew 23:24). He said that to chastise religious leaders’ neglect of the more important matters of the law. Of course, the absurdity of swallowing a camel couldn’t be missed. If I were present at that time, I could have smirked and giggled. Even in his parables and reasoning to oppositions, he’d use irony and exaggeration.

“We’re created to laugh at something.

There are many other examples, passages in the Bible that are funny. It’s just us who are oftentimes dead serious in reading. But, try asking a child to read them aloud. Assuredly, you’ll hear him laugh soon. And what will it hurt? We’re created to laugh at something. As long as it’s decent and appropriate, Jesus may laugh with us, too.

Gospel Joy IV: Jesus Laughing 1


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