March 14

Jesus, Take A Hold, Because Humanity Is Doomed

merle haggard

At the beginning of time, the world is a beautiful and peaceful place. No pain, no hatred, no anger and no sadness, but then darkness came, and corrupted the mind and heart of mankind. Guns, discrimination, hatred, war, and pain scattered all around the world, and man suffers from their own destruction that they created.

Jesus, Take A Hold”: The Song

Merle Haggard wrote and recorded the song “Jesus, Take A Hold”. In 1970, Haggard included the song in his album, Hag. Haggard’s song peaked the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs at No. 3. The song remained for 14 weeks on top of the charts.

The Trust About Humanity in Merle Haggard’s song

Merle Haggard’s “Jesus, Take A Hold” captured the reality that we are all experiencing in this world. Whether it be in the past or the present Haggard’s song speaks the truth about humankind. A painful truth that we all can’t deny, the world is suffering because of our own doing. Mankind created chaos against one another. Power and money rule the hearts of most people, and power destroys each one of us. We think that when we have the power that we will live forever, but we are mere mortals that vanishes in just a blink of an eye. Not even power, money or fame will save us from death.

“Like the ancient Roman empire, this world is doomed to fall
And it’s much too big a thing for mortal man
Just take a look around and see the writing on the wall
Somehow we’ve got to find a helping hand
This world has never been in the awful shape it’s in
And people scorn the things our leaders do
It’s time a prayer was spoken from the heart of every man
Jesus, take a hold and lead us through”

We rage war with one another, not knowing why such thing happens. We kill out of anger and man’s patience grow smaller, when the truth is, humankind can solve problems without the use of guns, hatred, and anger. Furthermore, when you look around all we see is destruction, whether you turn on the TV or surf the internet, there’s a lot of suffering that is too much to bear.

The Song’s Solution To Save Humanity

However, the narrator in the song mentioned a solution to all of this. Despite the chaos that is existing all of this can get better, all we have to do is humble our hearts and pray to Jesus. We can pray to Jesus to take hold of everything, to teach us to be more patient, more kind, more humble and understanding.

“The mighty roar of gunfire is now a local sound
And our city streets are filled with angry men
Law’s now a mockery throughout our troubled land
And destruction seems to be the current trend
This world has never been in the awful shape it’s in
And our leaders seem in doubt, what to do
It’s time a prayer was spoken from the heart of every man
Jesus, take a hold and lead us through
Jesus, take a hold and lead us through”


Jesus, merle haggard, Take A Hold

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