February 11

“Jesus Is Coming Soon:” What Do We Know About it?

The coming of Jesus is an unforeseen event. Nobody knows when or where Jesus will be coming, not even the Son knows when He is coming. But, why do we constantly predict about it? Why is it that many people, who claim to be prophets, tell us when the King will arrive if not even He knows when?

the second coming of Christ
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Why Do People Predict the Coming of Christ?

The coming of Christ may or may not be a certain event depending on our belief. Jesus’ return was rooted in the Book of Revelations. However, one part is missing in the Book, ‘the when.’ It became an obsession then. Maybe some predict the coming of Christ because of fear that when it’s the end of time they haven’t repented or had done anything good, while others they see this as an opportunity to end the cruelty of humanity.

This obsession of some people blinded them from the truth. They become so fixed on the coming of Christ that they forget the reason why He is coming, and what will really happen. What do we really know about the coming of Jesus?

The Bible and Gospel Songs

One easy way to find it out is to read the Bible, but to be honest, the Book of Revelation is full of events that are horrific, and it would scare anyone who reads it. Another way is to listen to gospel songs that present the coming of Christ. One known gospel song that paints us the picture of the King’s return is “Jesus Is Coming Soon.”

“Jesus Is Coming”

The song dates back in 1942 when R.E.  Winsett wrote it. There are not many stories written about Winsett and how he composed the song, nonetheless, “Jesus Is Coming Soon” won the first GMA Dove award for “Song of the Year.”

The Oak Ridge Boys’ Version

Some artists covered this song, and one of which is the country and gospel band Oak Ridge Boys. Their version was part of their album Common Thread in 2005. Sadly, the song and the album never entered the chart, but all we can say is that it was a well put together album, and an excellent version of “Jesus Is Coming Soon.”

If you want to know what will happen when Jesus comes, you can listen to the Oak Ridge Boys’ version of the song. In the song, the picture is not as terrifying and vivid as the one written in the Bible.

The return of Jesus is only a small part of the bigger picture. There are many things involved before and after Jesus returns. Therefore, instead of spending our time predicting his coming, why not do more good things? It’s better to spend our time being kind and compassionate to people around us. So that when Jesus comes, at least we are ready for Him, and we shall fear nothing anymore.


Oak Ridge Boys

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