November 3

Another Apocalypse Song: “Jerusalem’s Cry” by Randy Travis

Like Johnny Cash, Randy could not ignore the coming end of ages that he also sang about it.

“Jerusalem’s Cry” is the eighth track on his 2002 Gospel Album, Rise and Shine. It is meant to be a rallying cry for sobriety and of walking uprightly as we expectantly wait for the coming of the Lord. In less than four minutes, Randy and his co-writers skillfully gave an account to the prophesied events of mankind’s future as written in the book of Revelations. Though the song was ominous in content, Randy interpreted it with his usual cool, relaxed and uncoerced style. Notwithstanding, the clarity of every word spoken would arouse an unmistakable sense of urgency to its listeners.

He had some help with the lyrics from Lance Dary and particularly, Pastor Matthew Hagee. He is the son of the famed televangelist, John Hagee of Global Evangelism Television (GETV). Aside from full gospel evangelism, the Hagee ministries are known for promoting full allegiance and support of Israel. Furthermore, the young Hagee had also written and released a book, Your Guide to the Apocalypse (What You Should Know Before the World Comes to an End) discussing his theories about the world’s last days.

Basing from this background, Hagee, Dary, and Travis were able to come up with a strong and persuasive track. Unlike Johnny Cash’s end-time song, The Man Comes Around,” “Jerusalem’s Cry” is concise and void of commentaries from its writers. Rather, every line was straight-up singled out from the chapters of Revelations. This move could be expected as Travis’ choosing as well. He has been devouring the Bible since 20. Even John Hagee, whom Travis considered as a fatherly figure in faith, gives him credit for his tenacity in studying the Bible. He said this of Travis:

“From the beginning, Randy’s hunger for knowledge of the Word of God has been without limit. As he travels across the country giving concerts, we talk often on the phone concerning his questions about the Word of God…”
(lifted from

Now folks, time to listen to the song. Will we be ready for that fateful day when God answers Jerusalem’s Cry?


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