May 18

Jerry Reed Helped Jimmy Dean and Johnny Cash’s Enhance Their Careers

Jerry Reed

There was a young boy, running around, playing, and strumming his guitar. He promised himself to be a star, and he did. The boy went to Nashville and became the ultimate guitar man and star. He is no other than the “Good Ol’ Boy” Jerry Reed. Indeed, he was one of the most successful country artists and legends in history. Moreover, Reed has created top singles which are being recorded by various artists. And because of his singles, those artists’ career has skyrocketed more.

Jimmy Dean and Johnny Cash…

Just like Jimmy Dean and Johnny Cash, their careers were enhanced because of Jerry Reed through one of his singles. The song called “A Thing Called Love.” When Dean and Cash recorded and released the song, it smashed the airwaves and the country charts.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash has placed “A Thing Called Love” at No.2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 1972. Also, Cash’s rendition put No.1 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks. Furthermore, his record was his biggest hit in Europe, Ireland, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

On the other hand, Jimmy Dean placed the song at No.21 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and No.14 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks.

Jimmy Dean

Due to the high response from the country music obsessives, it was considered that Reed played a massive impact at increasing Dean and Cash’s musical career.

A Thing Called Love…

Jerry Reed, himself, was the creative songwriter behind “A Thing Called Love.” Additionally, he recorded the song in 1968. The song is also documented as one of the most successful singles of the “Good Ol’ Boy.” With the excellent response from the supporters and the impact, it has provided to Dean and Cash.

The Lyrics…

Six foot six stood on the ground, weighted 235 pounds

But I saw that giant of a man brought down to his knees by love

He was the kind of man who would gamble on love

Look you in the eye and never back up

But I saw him crying like a little-whipped pup because of love

Can’t see it with your eyes, hold it in your hands

Like the rules that govern our land

Strong enough to rule the heart of every man, this thing called love

It can lift you up; it can put you down

Take your world and turn it all around

Ever since time nothing’s ever been found stronger than love

Men like me they worry and doubt

Trouble their minds day in and day out

Too busy a livin’ to worry about a thing called love

And then I see a mother’s tenderness

As she holds her young close to her breast

Then I say thank God this world will win with the thing called love


Jerry Reed singing “A Thing Called Love.”

Johnny Cash’s rendition of ‘A Thing Called Love.”

Jimmy Dean’s cover of “A Thing Called Love.”

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Jerry Reed, Jimmy Dean, Johnny Cash

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