June 18

Jerry Reed Sings and Narrates “I Love You (What Can I Say)”


jerry reed I love you (what can i say)

When we fall in love with the right person, sometimes words can’t come out of us. We cannot say how much we love that person. Even words are not enough to express the love we feel. Just like in Jerry Reed’s song, a man who doesn’t know how to say it, but it’s full of emotion that you know he is deeply in love.

The Chart Performance of “I Love You (What Can I Say)”

“I Love You (What Can I Say)” is the third track on his album Sweet Love Feelings, which he released in 1978. His song peaked at No. 10 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for a total of 7 weeks. While his album Sweet Love Feelings was only able to peak at No. 47 of the US Billboard Top Country Album chart in 1978. Dick Feller wrote the song for Jerry Reed. “I Love You (What Can I Say)” is a combination of words with melody and spoken words. At the beginning of the song, Jerry narrated, and he followed by singing the chorus part of the song.

About the Song

Like most people consumed by love, we cannot find the right word to tell that person how much we love them. Not even the words “I Love You” is enough to express the love we feel. Don’t worry it’s not only you who struggles with that, even the narrator of the song does. He is a man with a lot of words to say but when it comes to telling her how he feels, his words are gone. He even doesn’t know how to describe the feeling he has.

“I mean, what is it worth, that funny, shaky feelin’ inside, huh

Or that numb, warm, wonderful, confusion when you touch me.”

It’s true that when you find the right person for you, which means the whole world, words are not enough. But it’s okay because sometimes all you have to do is show that person you love them. Just like they say, “Action Speaks Louder than Words.”

Listen to Jerry Reed’s “I Love You (What Can I Say)” and learn to express the love you have.

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I Love You (What Can I Say), Jerry Reed

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