Jerry Reed

He was a bubbly boy running around while strumming his guitar. Jerry Reed promised himself to go to Nashville and become a star. That came true and he worked hard to become the ultimate star. Not only that, he was known as an actor, a singer, and a songwriter. A total package, indeed. And his personality captured the audience. Definitely, he’s one of a kind, humorous guy.

With this, let’s go ahead and remember the “Good Ol’ Boy” from Atlanta, Georgia. Let’s recollect his works of art through his hit “East Bound And Down.” Moreover, Reed had recorded several songs and starred in successful movies. Most of his songs were top charting. Certainly, he became one of the most successful stars in the country music and limelight of movies.

The Song…

Dick Feller and Jerry Reed, himself, were the songwriters behind “East Bound And Down.” Furthermore, Reed recorded the song as a soundtrack particularly for his movie “Smokey And The Bandit.” Also, the song featured Reed on the lead vocal. Meanwhile, Gordon Stoker accompanied him on the harmony vocal. Also, “East Bound And Down” was released in August 1977.

Moreover, the song topped at No.2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 1977. Yes, the song became one of the most successful singles of Jerry Reed. Due to its popularity, various artists made their covers such as The Road Hammers, Aaron Tippin, and many more.

Moreover, this particular song of Jerry Reed showed his talent at creating songs of the truck-driving country.

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