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Jerry Reed’s Uncovered Satire Divorce In “She Got The Goldmine”

Jerry Reed

Indeed, the “Good Ol’ Boy” Jerry Reed became the ultimate star. He is the multi-talented and multi-media star of his time. Additionally, guitarist, songwriter, singer, and actor lived with him in the past. But most of all, his choice of music, the songs he chose to record have stories and histories. Stories that somehow, somewhat pierced us. Those songs greatly affect our hearts and souls. And the distinct thing that sets Jerry Reed apart from others, he patched his songs with  a “satire approach.”

“She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft)” was one of his satire songs. And, yes, it left a mark on the listeners especially the people who were struck by the meaning of the song. Listen and read the words and lyrics. It has something to do with divorce, life, and money.

The Story…

There was once a prosperous and flourishing relationship. A contented husband and a loving wife in their home with their children. Both are happy, and both satisfy each other’s needs and wants. Indeed, an epitome of a happy family and a healthy marriage.

Suddenly, the blossomed marriage died. The lust has gone. With no particular reason, the contented husband became discontented, and the loving wife became unloving. It became a broken photo frame. The family was split into pieces. Miserable as it seems but it’s exactly what happened to the once strong home.

The divorce had broken the trust and friendship. It has separated the couple; even their possessions were divided. Some for the husband and the more for the wife. It’s sad, the wife has gotten more and lived a comfortable life. Meanwhile, the husband needs to work to survive. Indeed, the wife got the goldmine, and the husband got the shaft.

She Got The Goldmine…

Tim DuBois is the songwriter behind “She Got The Goldmine.” It was released in 1982 from Jerry Reed’s album “The Man With The Golden Thumb.” It became one of Jerry Reed’s signature song. Moreover, the song placed No.1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The Lyrics…

Well, I guess it was back in sixty-three

When eatin’ my cookin’ got the better of me

So I asked this little girl I was goin’ with to be my wife

Well, she said she would, So I said, “I do”

But I’d-a said “I wouldn’t” if I’d-a just knew

How sayin’ “I do” was gonna screw up all my o’ my life

Well, the first few years weren’t all that bad

I’ll never forget the good times we had

‘Cause I’m reminded every month

When I send her the child support

Well, it wasn’t too long till the lust was gone

And I’ll admit I wasn’t too surprised

The day I come home and found my suitcase

Sittin’ out on the porch

Well, I tried to get in, she’d changed the lock

Then I found this note stuck on the mailbox

It said, “Goodbye, turkey

My Attorney will be in touch”

So I decided right then and there

I was gonna do what’s right,

Give her her fair share, but, brother,

I didn’t assay it was gonna be that much

She got the goldmine (She got the goldmine)

I got the shaft (I got the shaft)

They split it right down the middle

And then they gave her the better half

Well it all sounds sort o’ funny

But it hurts too much to laugh

She got the goldmine

And I got the shaft

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