October 22

49 Years Ago, Jerry Reed Placed “Are You from Dixie” on the Billboard

On October 18, 1969, Jerry Reed placed “Are You from Dixie (Cause I’m from Dixie, too)” at number eleven on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It was one of his singles to penetrate the said chart. It was 49 years ago since then. However, it is one of the great songs to remember “Good Ol’ Boy” of country music.


On the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, Jerry Reed has three number one songs. These were “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” which became his very first to peak at number one. Then, “Lord, Mr, Ford” which peaked at number one on August 4, 1973. His last to top the chart was “She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)” which peaked on September 11, 1982.

Are You from Dixie (Cause I’m from the Dixie, too) 

Jack Yellen and George L. Cobb pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “Are You from the Dixie (Cause I’m from the Dixie, too).” It was written back in 1915.


Moreover, various artists recorded and released the song inside and outside of the country music. Nevertheless, the most successful of them all was from Jerry Reed. He released the song on August 4, 1969. It was 54 years ago since its creation. The song was the only single under his album “Jerry Reed Explores Guitar Country.” As mentioned above, the song peaked at number eleven on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

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Are You from the Dixie, Jerry Reed, Lord Mr. Ford, She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft), When you're hot you're hot

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